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When it rains for what feels like an eternity the only appropriate prompt for our last module in conceptual photography is water. The kids are always wanting to jump in puddles but it’s normally when we are going into stores or school or somewhere I need them not to have soaking wet shoes, so this was perfect. After the storm passed over we ran outside and they had a blast jumping in the big puddle in our driveway. Keeley was trying to keep our outfit dry because she wanted to wear it to church the next day, but Jax could care less and was wet from his shoulders down. That was a bright point in the dreary blahness that is long spans of rainy weather.


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Finally warmer weather is here so we headed out to have some fun and I took advantage to get some photos for my latest assignment which was regeneration (or spring just in a fancy way). I had this vision of my childhood when we lived over at the trailer and making forts and castles with the clothes line so I wanted to do something like that with the kids. I also wanted their take on summer and Keeley has been begging me to let her test out her new skateboard somewhere other than in the house so we headed to the high school to let them ride around trying to skateboard. I have no idea how so I’m really no help but I think they were doing a lot better than I ever did. I hope the rest of this spring and summer are filled with fun moments like this.


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I grew up walking to this store for ice-cream during the summer. It’s something about the sign and older gas pumps that I still love so much. I took the top photo last year after being at my aunts house for a holiday get together. So many of the locations I grew up with are slowly being torn down, upgraded or neglected and falling down so I knew I needed to start documenting them. So this is where the country store project begins…

(top photo Canon Mark II, 50mm, 2016, bottom photo Polaroid Sun 600, impossible film)






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