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personalwork2PINIMAGEI’ve always loved documenting my life with my camera even at a young age, except then I couldn’t be too snap happy because film cost money and do did processing and my allowance would only go so far haha. Right now I’ve taken a little break from really shooting for clients due to being back in college full time and working full time but I haven’t put down my camera for good. I’m constantly photographing the kids and my daily activities or fun things we do. I have blogged personal blogs in the past and would like to continue that here, who knows I might even start using words and not just images to tell my stories. My personal work varies in medium, I love film and trying new formats and I’m beginning to process and scan my own b&w film. I love street photography and documenting my day so that is a lot of what you’ll be seeing in my personal work. Embracing the imperfections and capturing what I love.