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SML State Park . South Central Va Lifestyle Film Photographer

Once  again you’ve already seen the digital photos from our trip to the SML State park but I wanted to share the film ones as well.  I walked out the house with only the film in the camera which happened to be only the shots you see here, way to go me right? Thankfully I brought along a million other cameras so it worked out I guess.

lake (1)
lake (2)
lake (3)
lake (5)
lake (6)
lake (7)
lake (8)

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Cookout on film . South Central Va Film Lifestyle Photographer

You know I’m glad my friend accept my camera insanity. These guys (well minus the boys except for Seth) have been putting up with me taking 50 million photos of them since we were little playing softball at Motley together. I know everyone says this but I could not ask for a better set of friends (this includes my friends in different states!!) they have been there through all lifes up and downs and I can never thank them enough for it. I can see us being old and grey and still doing the same things


I posted the digital pics from our lil cookout but here are some of the film shots as well.

cookout (1)
cookout (3)
cookout (5)

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